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The Xcalibre core trimmer (laboratory rock drill) stand is a steel framed unit build with our premium DS140 drill rig with the feed rotation handle located ergonomically correct at the top of the drill rig. This will prevent back problems for the the operator. The stand is manufactured in mild steel with a high quality powder coated and oven baked paint finish giving a quality appearance and long lasting protection.

The unit comprises of a rubber lined base tank with water drain with a removable see through front panel to allow the operator to see the cutting action whilst still being protected from the rotating core bit and any water spray. Fittings on the base also allow for bolting to the laboratory floor if preferred.

Benefits & Features

  • 500mm drill travel
  • Robust base for security bolts
  • Tank with water drain facility
Select Units: US Metric
Drill diameter ø300mm as standard – ø600mm diameter with optional spacer block.
Drill travel Up to 650mmUp to 26"
Angling Adjustable for angled drilling up to 60 degrees
Weight (without drill motor) 24 Kgs excluding drill motor53 Lbs excluding drill motor