Drill Stand DS300

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Drill Stand DS300 Drill Stand DS300 Drill Stand DS300

Drill Stand DS300


The world proven DS300 Drill Stand provides a cost effective method for drilling cores in a variety of surfaces such as roads, airport runways or even for core drilling under water using Xcalibre's hydraulic drill motors. Lightweight construction using stainless steel column and ball bearing guides provides maximum performance whilst keeping weight to a minimum.Stand supplied with 1:2.5 geared feed mechanism & four star grip levelling screws.

Benefits & Features

  • 300mm as standard 
  • up to 400mm with spacer blocks
  • 650mm drill travel
  • Robust base slotted for security bolts
  • Adjustable angle clamp
  • Drill feed locking lever
  • Rotary drill feed control handle
  • Quick release drill handle
  • Leveling Screws
Select Units: US Metric
Drill diameter ø300mm as standard – ø600mm diameter with optional spacer block.
Drill travel Up to 650mmUp to 26"
Angling Adjustable for angled drilling up to 60 degrees
Weight (without drill motor) 24 Kgs excluding drill motor53 Lbs excluding drill motor