Anchor Bolt Kit Complete [87950024]

Anchor Bolt Kit Complete [87950024]


M12 Fast Fixing 250mm o/a

Benefits & Features


20mm drill required for M12 Anchor bolt kit

Extracting - Once the rig is unbolted and the anchor bolt still in the ground tight.

1. Undo the bolt 3-4 turns and then tap the top of the bolt with some gentle force. By doing this the taper in the Rawl is pushed backwards removing the outwards holding force of the Rawl, that was tight in the hole.

2. Wiggle the bolt and to loosen the Rawl and push in the expandable side walls of the Rawl, there will be some loose debris in the hole and you may have to push and wiggle until the Rawl is free.

[87950025] M12 Rawlbolt Shield only