About Xcalibre

Xcalibre designs and manufactures a wide range of diamond drilling equipment to the highest quality standards.
Our equipment is globally recognised as well engineered, safe and reliable core drilling equipment which is sold in more than 29 countries worldwide.




Our Commitment

Our key emphasis on the design and the performance of coring drilling equipment is:

  • Functionality
  • Ergonometry
  • Reliability 
  • Efficiency
  • Utmost drilling performance
  • Safety


Our History

The start 1950's
The invention of the synthetic diamond in the 1950’s made diamond drilling a more economical and more accessible option to companies operating in the drilling and sawing industry and on its formation, the company saw the need for increased efficiency when drilling holes in asphalt, concrete and other stone materials.

Xcalibre Equipment Limited was founded in the City of Coventry, located in the heart of the Midlands manufacturing region. The company is still based in Coventry.

The first Neptune coring trailer was introduced. Many of the first trailers built are still in full operation thanks to the unbeatable quality of the materials and components used in the manufacturing of the trailers.

The Magnum was designed and developed sucessfully and the first one sold to a barrier service company in July, a Mag 5 with serial number 0001.

The Vulcan coring trailer was designed with the focus on smaller diameter work, but with increased flexibility. This trailer includes the unique solution of combining a coring trailer and a detachable drilling rig that can be used remotely from the trailer, and is capable of angled hole drilling.

Xcalibre Equipment received its first export order for a Neptune coring trailer from Germany.
The Magnum hand hydraulic drill was designed. This high efficiency hand drill is also capable of drilling under water. This invention was totally new in the industry hence the later plagiarism attempts.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) acquired three Neptune's for runway quality control. To safeguard heavy aeroplanes and its passengers it is necessary to quality control runways.

Export of various machinery to United States mainly for runway, taxiway and apron maintenance.

The Neptune is first exported to a big Airport Project in the United Arab Emirates, UAE.

With the increased focus on the environment, and the high fuel prices Xcalibre Equipment introduced in 2009 the Simplex stand-on drill stand after extensive testing and evaluation. The highly mobile light weight drill stand produces quality cores from Ø 10 to Ø 200 mm coring and can be fully operated by just one operator. The remarkable performance of the Simplex drill stand was demonstrated during a contract on an underpass in central London. Drilling 60mm deep in tarmac with a 162mm diameter core barrel the operator of the Simplex rig achieved 60 holes in 2 hours..

Xcalibre completes the design of the T4 (the fourth generation towable core drilling machine). The T4 coring trailer is specifically designed for the core sampling market.
Australia takes the first Neptune for road barrier work and general construction.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) acquires further three NATO adapted Neptune's for runway quality control.
A multinational construction conglomerate headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and one of the biggest Middle East contractor's purchases two Neptune's.

Major improvement and design facelift of the Neptune towable coring machine.

New generation high efficiency engines incorporated into Xcalibre machines.

New T5 machine designed and produced.

An exciting new style of machine idea discussed "Project V4". Currently in its very early stages still, but we know that the key components that we already produce can easily build together the vision we have for this machine.